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We have been assisting sales managers and business leaders across the world in driving team results since 1990

Sales Coaching
Raises Sales Results
by 28% – 49%

Real-world knowledge with a proven
sales acceleration methodology for increasing sales and the effectiveness of your team.

  • Accessible anywhere - desktop or mobile app
  • Accelerated and focused learning byte modules, reducing learning time
  • 360-degree personalised feedback on designated assignments plus quick knowledge assessments for modules providing the best coaching
  • Group discussion for teams
  • Three different selling styles to choose from - check out our courses
  • Reinforcement guides and coaching support for managers to maximise results
  • Access for eleven months for reinforcement of information through sales meeting discussions 
  • Scalable for small to large decentralised teams
  • Progress reports for tracking your team’s progress and performance
  • Custom modules available for specific industries and selling situations
  • Zoom sessions available for specific focus of company teams
  • Resources and updates to keep your team ahead of the competition

Our core sales programmes

The programmes are built around core concepts and practical tools with specialised selling practices for your industry. 

Solution Selling

Solution Selling provides a powerful roadmap for a successful need-based dialogue that finds solutions and closes sales opportunities.

Business Case Selling

An intensive programme for salespeople selling large value or complex sales with multiple decision-makers. The emphasis is on engaging with stakeholders, understanding the buyers motivations and building a winning business case.

Trusted Based Selling

Trust-based selling pointedly is not about closing, being assertive, or attempting to meet a client’s every need. You will learn how to build trust, listen, understand wants and needs, and approach customers in an open, transparent way.

Our courses

We offer a series of Training & Coaching Programmes!

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