7 High Paying Sales Jobs

Nov 6
Did you know that Australian sales jobs across all sectors is growing, and salespeople are in high demand which drives the opportunity for high paying sales jobs?

Companies need to sell the services and goods being produced and rebuild their customers. But do you know what the best-paid sales jobs are?

Surprisingly, some do not even require a degree to get started. Read on as we discuss eight high paying sales jobs.

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1. Sales Engineers

One of the most in-demand jobs in the market earning six-figures and the opportunity to negotiate the salary package. Their job is to sell technology for the company that creates the product. These are often in medical, scientific, and engineered product related fields. 

The job often involves a lot of travelling, often to conferences and other businesses. The sales engineer is responsible for customising to the customers requirements and demonstrating the product. As such, qualifications often require a degree in a related field. 

Being a sales engineer requires you to meet certain goals and targets. Therefore, it can often be a high-pressure job that may not be for everyone. 

2. Real Estate Agent

The real estate market is booming, and properties are selling well over market value. People often view a real estate agent as a provider of services. However, it is a solid sales job. It relies on the ability to match customers up with the perfect product and close the sale. 

The job involves selling properties to people looking for a home or investment. It can be commercial or residential sales. When the property is found, you then have to help arrange the legalities and negotiate a sale price for the buyer. 

Positions as a real estate agent are available at entry-level. You are required to earn accreditation qualifications in real estate, and you will need to apply for licenses and permits. You should also have a sound knowledge of the local area in which you plan to sell a property. 

3. Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales

You don't have to be a doctor or surgeon to make money in the medical sector. Sales professionals also earn a lot of money selling medical and pharmaceutical products. Similar to a sales engineer, it requires a lot of travelling and independent work. 

The job is to sell medical devices and medicines to those who work in the healthcare sector, such as professionals and institutions. This could be to governments, local agencies and the private sector. 

As the job is highly specialised, a degree in a relevant field is essential. You will often receive further training from the employer once you start the job. 

4. Luxury Item Sales

Luxury item sales is an extremely exciting position, for anyone who likes to rub elbows with the rich and famous. It involves selling high-end products to wealthy clients. They may include luxury holidays, goods, vehicles, and anything only the highest earners could afford. 

The job is much more about building a network than having formal qualifications. Therefore, if you want to get started it helps to have a foothold in that social or business area to begin. Your income will be performance-based and does require a lot of travel. 

You may work independently, selling to your private clients, or you may sell to companies wanting to offer high-end products. One added perk is that you often get to try and test the goods you are selling. 

5. Advertising Sales

Advertising sales is a job that starts on a fairly average pay grade but can quickly spiral upwards once you start hitting targets. It involves selling advertising space and products to other companies. It is a hybrid of marketing and sales itself. 

With the advent of e-commerce, the job requires a lot more knowledge than it used to do. You could be selling traditional media, such as space in magazines, on billboards, or adverts on TV and radio. However, you now will be selling services for digital advertising including pay per click campaigns and SEO services. 

Once you have done this, you may end up acting as a liaison. This will be between the marketing company you work for and the customer, helping build their ad campaign. 

6. Software Sales

Software is one of the best sales jobs for anyone particularly if you hold a degree. This entry-level position also lets you earn a lot in commission right from the start. It is a booming market with new products coming onto the market all the time.  

To excel in software sales, you need to find your niche with the knowledge you have and reach out to customers. It can be sold both face to face and remotely and depending on the product, you can be selling enterprise level products through to SME.

Software is an industry that requires continual knowledge development to retain a competitive edge in the market when selling.

7. Financial Service Sales

Financial services are provided to assist people manage their money to increase their income. It can involve roles in investments, insurance and banking. You may end up selling to private or business clients. 

As part of the job, you may end up managing other people’s accounts and investments. Thus, it can be a high-pressure job that requires knowledge of finance and economics, with a degree in the relevant field. 

There are high financial rewards as you build a book of clients with continuing commission. The book gains significant value over many years and becomes a saleable asset.


High Paying Sales Jobs

These high paying sales jobs are not the end. There are many more, often industry-specific. Pick a field you are interested in working in, then research the jobs and career paths available. 

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