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Our business units in UK and Australia had been operating in older style sales management regimes and needed rejuvenation. We used Mastering Sales as the process of getting people skilled and focused on our strategy and goals. The ability to reinforce the information really made the difference in cementing the new sales culture and how we operate as a sales organisation. Sales Focus certainly supported us in achieving our goals. 
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Forbo Floorcoverings
International Distribution
Our company operates a large sales force across challenging geographical areas and we needed a solution that would see all sales leaders and their teams operating the same way and with a sales process that was proven. Through Sales Focus we were able to achieve sustainable increases in productivity and effectiveness and new hires being on-boarded became productive and profitable in well under half the usual time. The system was also transposed into our Taiwan office in a multi-lingual format. 
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OCS Facilities Management
International Services
Our team was entrenched in old sales approaches and the gap between current practices and our strategic goals and sales goals was widening. We need to address how we operated the sales organisation to its core and create a new sales culture and sales methodology that would support both our company and ensure our customers, who are predominately major accounts, gained value from the improvement too. We certainly achieved this with Sales Focus
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CGU Premium Services
National Insurance
Our team was time poor and regrettably were not sufficiently skilled or us to achieve our extended sales goals. Down time was a problem as we are located in each state and training costs can quickly escalate. We needed a centralised approach to create the new sales culture, knowledge and way of doing business in our sales organisation. Sales Focus certainly met those demands and assisted us toward those new sales goals. 
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Gardner Denver
International Manufacturer
Our sales are complex and large scale projects with deep technical requirements. Our team members are highly trained engineers with an emphasis on their expertise. We required a methodology for not only improving sales but also to have sufficient measurement and understanding for achievement of our sales goals whilst still respecting the engineering demands. Mastering Sales has shown us how to keep control of the process and move forward progressively to secure large accounts that met our overall strategy goals. 
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RML Automation NZ & AU
National Machinery Automation
We were expanding our business into another country and need a rapid on-boarding methodology that ensured all new hires were fully trained and understood our strategy and importantly how we did business as a company. With over fifty people hitting the ground in different states, we found the Mastering Sales solution the best approach. It provided our sales leaders with the tools and methodology and a proven process they could apply on-going coaching with. 
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Clearwater Filter Systems
National Wholesale and Distribution
With increased competition in the market we needed a process that would create a singular culture and way of doing business in our sales organisation. We invested in the Sales Focus methodology and worked our entire team through the process. It has created a new sales culture and way of thinking about how we do business. We are already starting to see the results. With a large team across NZ the online was the best solution as it provided instant access and minimised time out of the field. 
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Wickliffe NZ
National Printing Industry
Our team have all been trained now across Asia Pacific with a particular focus on new business and opening new channels to market. This has been highly successful and our business is expanding and exceeding our planned sales goals. Very practical and delivers results 
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Gurit Composites
International Manufacturer and Distributor
 “I have been in sales for 25 years but this course taught me some new methods for today’s market. I opened up a $200,000 opportunity that would never have happened before” Dixon Valve
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Carter Holt Harvey
National Timber Industry
“Our sales require input from various levels of decision-making within a corporation. Our proposal writing being a key skill that can define our success. This methodology has certainly assisted us in improving our mapping of accounts, proposals and overall win rates. 
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Revolution IT
National Information Technology
I have witnessed major shifts in personalities and work ethic my sales team. The results of the first twelve months have seen a 30% increase in sales – no mean feat in a commercial selling environment. More importantly, each one of the sales team bettered their individual performance. 
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Visy Industries
National Packaging
It has changed my view of what is required as a Sales Engineer and I now can see the balance between product knowledge and selling capability – 
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Hi Tech Metrology Australia
National Industrial Equipment
“I was surprised at the high level of customisation to our industry and business and customers. This is high impact training that really gets the participant thinking and changing how they operate in the market” 
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Ausco Building Systems
National Building Construction
“Some of the new dealers from cold calling have placed orders and some smaller dealers have increased number & frequency of orders. Our bigger dealers continue to grow”. 
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Digga Australia
National Earthmoving Equipment
It’s taken our salespeople from reps to business partners with their customers. This programme has supported our culture and business growth to achieve an overall 10 times the size we were only a few years ago. 
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Twin Agencies
National FMCG Sales Force
“I have got an opportunity to sell a customer a container of product I didn’t know they wanted before I started this course, so that is $10,000 just from one customer.” 
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Stoneworld Method
National Tile Import and Distribution
Our team were set overactive sales goals to deliver results in our wholesale division. The training and coaching provided them with the knowledge and tools to open many new stores, increase the average opening order values and build quality accounts. The outcome was achievement of sales goals in just nine months. A powerful programme. 
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Jurlique International
International Natural Skin Care
“I was sceptical about yet another sales course – but wow, this is the first course I have done that really made sense and immediately impacted my results. I am working the sales plan and life is easier and sales are up” 
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River Sands
National Construction Supplier
“The Sales Focus programme has assisted us to win new business in an increasingly competitive environment. The focus on new business and more pro-active inside sales has assisted us expand our market share.” 
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RF Industries 
National Technology Solutions
A core part of our sales the automation of a manufacturing lines which requires considerable investment by our customers. These sales take time and require a combination of technical knowledge and the ability to move the sales process forward. This programme has shown how to keep our eye on the sales process whilst also delivering on all the technical and business requirements. Very informative and now ingrained in our business. 
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Hawker Richardson
National Automation
Our team were new to sales roles and required a structured approach we could measure. Their confidence level is through the roof and they now manage the process knowing what to do, when they should be doing it and delivering measurable results.
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High Modulus
National Yacht Designers
Our company has all our partners and client facing team members learn the trust based selling promoted in this programme. It has been outstanding in creating a sales language in the business, confidence in front of clients and importantly opened many new opportunities during a very depressed market. 
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Keppie Design UK
National Architects
My success has been through creating environments where my teams have been successful which I have done through transparency, accountability & up-skilling my people. I took these traits your programme and still continue to use them today. I still use your programme, particularly around sales planning & organisation. 
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National Infection Prevention
This programme has really made me stop and think about what I do and say with customers. I am more organised, focused and certainly able to develop sales opportunities to fruition that would never have happened in the past. 
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National Manufacturing and Distribution

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