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The best sales training course can propel you ahead of the competition and set you up to consistently make your number and realise long-term results. Taking Sales Focus Coaching courses sets you in the right direction, as our programmes can assist with the following:
  • Improve the focus of team members on winning the right business
  • Increase productivity and sales effectiveness
  • Identify barriers and weaknesses in their sales skills
  • Improve sales performance through new skills and knowledge
  • Increase sales consistency by making their number
  • Close higher-value deals
  • Influence repeat business from customers

This information provides practical methods for improving sales performance and processes in the real world. They learn to manage different buyers and decision-makers for successful outcomes. They learn skills they can apply in the day-to-day reality of selling in today's fast-paced environment.

You will experience profitable growth in your business year after year.

Our unique online coaching format personally trains people through:

  • Assisting participants in developing their sales plans

  • Target the right customers
  • Understand best practice questioning techniques to open and explore opportunities

  • Apply the right sales techniques at the right time

  • Participants can engage with their coach throughout the year!

  • Work one-on-one with individuals and teams to offer valuable feedback

  • Provide constructive feedback that is honest and specific to their situation

  • Refine existing behaviours that can lead to better and more consistent sales

  • They can review modules at any time, further increasing their adoption of new information and improving their skill set

  • Assist people overcome obstacles and apply their new skills

  • Refine their skills to improve their overall performance and results.

Why Sales Focus Coaching stands apart from our competitors

At Sales Focus, we believe training is not an event. It's not a few days of cramming information; your sales will magically increase. Exciting events can motivate you, but after 21 days, your motivation fades. Research shows that people may remember only 10% of information.

Our experience training over 10,000+ individuals in a sales coaching environment confirms that the information retention rate rises to over 65%, as noted in The Research Institute of America in 2024.

Our training is a service developed to support our extensive consulting experience delivering sales turnarounds and sales transformations since 1990. Our experience in business consulting brings a level of experience beyond other training companies.

Participants benefit greatly from coaching sessions where they learn how to improve their business skills and become successful sales professionals.

Grow Your B2B Company With the Best Sales Training.

Sales Training Melbourne or any other location can give your sales team the skills and knowledge to take market share from your competition. As a business owner or entrepreneur, your team will understand how to sell your products and services to the right audience using targeted techniques that result in more consistent sales and increased revenue.

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